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When The Paternity Of Your Child Is In Question, We Can Help

Determination of paternity is usually required for children who are born to parents who are not married. Contact Schwartz Law Firm if paternity of your child is in question. Schwartz Law Firm represents both fathers and mothers dealing with paternity issues.

Issues in paternity cases may involve the following:

  • DNA testing and determination of parentage
  • Custody and parenting time
  • Payment of child support
  • Payment of confinement (pregnancy) expenses
  • Payment of medical insurance for the minor child
  • Affidavit of parentage
  • Name changes
  • Revocation of affidavit of parentage

Applicants For State Aid May Be Required To Pursue Support From The Father

In other instances, it is the state that seeks to hold a biological father responsible for a child through paternity testing. If the mother applies for governmental benefits, the state may try to recoup or reduce the benefits by obtaining a child support order. Or the father himself seeks a paternity determination in preparation to ask a family law court to grant him custody or visitation with his child. If a judge awards parenting time to the father, the judge will also order child support to be paid to the mother.

Talk To A Lawyer To Understand Your Rights And Responsibilities

Whether you are a father or mother voluntarily or involuntarily needing or desiring a paternity determination, you should seek the help of a well-qualified family law attorney. A lawyer who knows the courts and the procedures can help ensure that a correct, expedient determination of paternity is accomplished as smoothly as can be.

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Are You Named As Father – And Don’t Believe It?

A person named in a paternity action has a right to an attorney. To schedule a free consultation regarding DNA tests or other aspects of the paternity dispute involving your child – or to protest a mother’s claim that you are the father – contact us at the Farmington Hills law offices of Schwartz Law Firm. Call 888-757-1681 or send us an email. We pledge to treat you with respect at all times and to help you obtain the results you need in your paternity dispute promptly. Serving Detroit, Farmington Hills, and all Michigan communities.