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Michigan candidate held in contempt related to divorce

Ending a marriage is a different experience for every couple. Some couples divorce with grace and understanding, while others are simply not able to put their disagreements aside for the purpose of reaching an amicable settlement. And apparently even our Michigan politicians and lawmakers are susceptible to this emotional downfall.

Men needs advice too when it comes to divorce

Although divorce may affect spouses differently, it would be trivial to say that one spouse is always more affected by the split. But for some reason, it seems that much more attention is paid to women going through a divorce and the emotional and financial struggles that women face. Men may hide their emotions and concerns but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be addressed as well.

Keeping the cost of divorce down

When it comes to marital issues, financial concerns are usually at the top of the list. Financial strain or arguments about money can place an enormous burden on couples. Often this burden is too much to bear and couples may opt for divorce. Strangely enough, this financial concern also carries over into the divorce process.

Choosing Divorce or Separation in Michigan? Here's How to Start Weighing the Factors

If your marriage has gone bad, divorce is an understandable way to move forward. It allows you the chance to start over, after the property has been divided up and custody arrangements resolved for any minor children you may have.

New Study: Large Part of Middle Class Trending Towards Divorce

Middle class marriages are shifting substantially away from their historic track record: middle-class couples who are moderately educated are now seeking divorce at rate above that of other segments of the population. A new report by the National Marriage Project and Institute for American Values assembled data showing a "marriage gap" for the middle class when compared to lower and upper classes.

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