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Qualifying for foster care and adoption in Michigan

Did you know that foster care is often a viable path to adoption for Michigan families? In some cases, children may be placed with their family members for foster care. In other situations, youngsters are put in a safe, loving home that belongs to someone outside of their biological family. Depending on the situation, foster parents may be able to adopt their foster children if parental rights are terminated. Many child welfare agencies prioritize reuniting the child with his or her blood relatives, but that may not always be possible, and adoption can be a viable alternative.

Can a Michigan court force me to file a joint tax return?

tax return.jpgMost divorces involve the division of many assets and liabilities, making them complicated legal undertakings. When you mix in painful emotions - perhaps anger, resentment or distrust - it can be extremely difficult for divorcing spouses to find common ground and agree on the division of assets.

Same-sex marriage ruling may still not satisfy Michigan laws

As same-sex couples await the United States Supreme Court's ruling as to whether gays and lesbians will have the legal right to marry in the state of Michigan, as well as three other states, some fear that there will still be a good deal of upheaval on some levels. Ineke Mushovic, the executive director of Movement Advancement Project believes that if the Supreme Court rules in favor, it will still come down to the states themselves having to sort out various situations involving same-sex couples.

Factors considered during child custody cases

A child custody case can be complicated, especially if you both want custody and you can't agree on anything on your own. The court in Michigan will then need to step in and set up a custody agreement and a parenting plan. When this happens, the court looks at many different factors, including the following:

What are some of the different types of adoption in Michigan?

Adoption can provide children who are without a permanent family a chance for a better life. Through adoption, children are given the same benefits and legal right as those who are born into a family. As an example, an adoption will make the adoptee an heir of the adopting parent. In the state of Michigan, there are different ways that potential parents can adopt a child.

Michigan same-sex couple to appear before Supreme Court

Two nurses from Detroit, Michigan, will be among the 12 women and 19 men who are expected to have their same-sex marriage cases heard by the Supreme Court this month on April 28. The two women initially went to court under the pretext of winning the right to jointly adopt each other's two children, but a federal judge eventually turned their case into one about their right to marry.

What rights does an unmarried father have?

Giving a child up for adoption generally requires the consent of both the mother and father. If the biological father is not in agreement to give up the child and is not married to the mother, however, he must not only be able to establish paternity to stop the adoption from happening, but must also show that he is willing to make a commitment that he will raise and be a parent to the child.

What you should know about challenging paternity

When paternity issues arise, it can be very stressful for all of the parties that are involved. The paternity of a child not only determines who is responsible for supporting the child, but also helps to decide who should have a hand in raising the child. Above all else, it ensures that the rights of the child aren't neglected.

How does divorce mediation work?

Divorce mediation is a process that allows couples who are getting divorced to work through decisions that need to be made about their future. Unlike divorce court where the judge makes the final ruling, the divorcing couple goes through the decision-making process together to arrive at solutions that will be beneficial for both.

How to reach a fair divorce settlement with professional help

Divorce can be complicated. Most Michigan residents know that a divorce can turn ugly when it comes to the process of dividing property and assets. Naturally, both spouses do what they can to ensure they obtain a fair share in the settlement that ends their marriage. By considering the following, they may be able to reach a fair settlement more quickly.

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