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Understanding a family assessment during the adoption process

Adopting a new child into a family is certainly a joyous occasion. The steps leading up to that joy, however, can be stressful, complicated and involve several different factors. One such element Michigan residents may want to understand more completely is the family assessment.

What is considered in a request to relocate a child?

Detroit families who have gone through a divorce know there are many legal issues surrounding children, child support and child custody. But, what happens when a parent wants to relocate a child? What factors does the court consider when determining whether the parent can move the child?

Michigan Attorney General releases guide on military family law

Family law is a very critical area of the law because it deals with many personal and emotional issues. Families are at the center of the lives of many Michigan residents, and that is why it is so important that people understand the laws and how they apply to them.

Congress tackles international adoption issues

When Michigan families choose to adopt, there are a number of different routes to take. International adoption is one of the options available, and since 1999 U.S. families have adopted over 240,000 foreign-born children. International adoptions give these families and the children they take in a chance for new beginnings.

Duty to Preserve Evidence: Severe Sanctions for Spoliation of Electronic Data

Parties involved in litigation have a duty to preserve evidence, including electronic data. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan recently ruled that, if electronic data is deleted or destroyed in bad faith, monetary sanctions may be imposed along with an irrefutable adverse inference at trial that the destroyed data contained information that is unfavorable to the culpable party. The irrefutable inference may be immensely damaging to a party's chances at trial because it gives the jury free rein to assume the worst about the evidence that has been "covered up." The jury can use its imagination to assume which documents were destroyed, and the jury may come to the conclusion that a party who destroys evidence may be untrustworthy with respect to other issues in controversy.

Statewide adoption day celebrated in Michigan

Sadly, many of the issues that arise in the family law area have negative connotations. People equate divorce and child custody issues with stressful family disputes. And domestic violence situations are always hard to grasp. But one area of family law that brings happiness to Michigan families is adoption.

State legislators discuss and revise faith-based adoption bill

The state of Michigan is currently considering different bills that if passed would impact adoption within the state. The three pieces of legislation would enable a faith-based adoption agency to chose an adoptive family based on religious preferences.

Supreme Court adoption battle reaches agreement, but not closure

It seems to be the never-ending legal battle, and one that may certainly make Michigan parents think twice about adopting. Nonetheless, the worst part about the case, which has reached the U.S. Supreme Court and back, is that the case is a dispute over a young, 3-year-old girl. The little girl is in the middle of this heated adoption dispute between her adoptive parents and her biological father.

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