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Michigan football star extradited for not paying child support

Children from all walks off life need support in some manner. Whether parents are married, divorced, famous or not, their children all share in the fact that they have a right to support. This right is what makes child support enforcement so important in Michigan. When a child support order is in place, a parent faces real consequences for non-payment or even late payments.

Winter storms knocks out power and child support

For Michigan residents accustomed to Midwest winters, a little snow and ice are nothing to worry about. But an ice storm that swept through the state over the holiday season had numerous unforeseen consequences on child support in Michigan.

Michigan county offers child support amnesty and payment help

When people think of amnesty, immigration issues probably come to mind. But amnesty is taking a different angle in one Michigan County. Genesee County established an amnesty program for parents with outstanding child support warrants.

Michigan courts look to mobile device application to ease process

Maybe we should be more surprised that this is the first we are hearing of such technology to enter the court system. But Michigan is moving toward instituting a smartphone application to allow court-goers to check in on a mobile device. The hope is to transition the state court system from its paper-bound ways into the Internet age.

What happens to child support during the government shutdown?

The government shutdown is on everyone's mind. Some people are harder hit than others, especially government employees who are furlough. Other issues arise for families when they can't get the government support they need. Michigan families had a few budgetary concerns regarding the shutdown and one of those concerns was child support.

Michigan child support sweeps are a success

Sometimes, parents just refuse to pay child support. In extreme cases, Michigan family court officials have no choice but to issue arrest warrants against these non-paying parents. This is what one Michigan county attempted over the summer as part of a child support enforcement program.

Michigan man ordered to pay child support for child who isn't his

It's common sense that fathers should only be required to pay for children that are their biological or legally adopted children. States put laws in place to make sure that fathers and parents do pay child support for their children. But sometimes the good intentions of these laws backfire and don't play out as expected.

Friend of Court heads into Detroit area collecting child support

Child support in Michigan in established for a reason. Children rely on those payments for daily living costs, as well as unexpected expenses that come with raising a child. States understand the importance of child support and don't want to allow parents to fall behind in making payments. Even for parents who move out of the state or county, there are ways they can be traced. And certain counties are willing to travel to track down money owed.

State and local agencies work on child support collection

Through federal law, each state has the authority to enforce child support payments. The Child Support Enforcement Program was enacted in 1975 and since that time states have created their own methods of collecting child support and enforcing payments.

Lions football player involved in child support dispute

It's not mystery that emotions run high during family court cases, especially those that involved support or custody disputes. Minor children have a right to be financially supported by their parents and this especially comes into play when parents separate or are unmarried. Sometimes a court must step in and decide which parent gets custody and which parent pays child support.

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