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Detroit police chief going through public divorce

When married couples decide to part ways, the ensuing process can be a tumultuous time in their lives. No matter how amicable, divorce can be stressful. Not only is the relationship ending but couples face any number of issues such as property division, asset division and, potentially, child custody disputes.

Divorce Settlement for Former Michigan State Basketball Star

Divorce may never be an easy process but adding criminal proceedings to the mix can complicate things even more. Charlie Bell, a former Michigan State University basketball player who went on to play professionally, is finally divorced from his former wife, Kenya. Unfortunately, his ex-wife's plea of guilty to attacking him with a box cutter is not preventing him from paying out a large sum in the divorce settlement.

Famous or Not, Divorce Requires Decisions on Property Division

Rich or poor, young or old, ending a marriage can be a stressful time for any person. And there are certain unavoidable decisions that Michigan couples need to make while they are in the process of a divorce that can affect them for the rest of their lives.

Yours, Mine or Ours: Who gets the wedding ring and wedding gifts?

A recently published Oregon opinion found that a wife's wedding ring was her own separate property, and not a marital asset that was "acquired during the marriage." The Oregon Court of Appeals disagreed with the grail court's finding that the $8,320 ring was a marital asset. Although there was scant evidence on the record of whether husband followed the traditional custom of giving the ring to the bride as a gift after the wedding, the parties did agree that the ring had always been treated as "wife's ring." Given the limited amount of evidence, the Oregon court inferred that the ring was a gift received by wife either shortly before or shortly after the marriage. It held that the precise timing was not relevant because in either case the ring should have been treated as wife's separate property. Under Oregon law, had it been given before the marriage, it would have been treated as premarital property.

Accepting the Challenges of a Repeat Divorce

It isn't necessarily easier going through a difficult experience again. To be sure, as the philosopher Nietzsche once said, if something doesn't kill you it can make you stronger. But sometimes, when you're facing your second divorce, or even a third, you have to be really strong.

How Parents Can Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Children

Going through divorce is a painful experience. Although divorce can be the right decision, there is no such thing as an easy divorce. And as devastating as it is for former couples, the biggest impact is on the children involved. But research suggests some ways to minimize damage to children.

Divorce Expos and the Building of Support Communities for Divorce

Going through a divorce can feel like a lonely process, but it does not have to be especially as a new phenomenon begins to emerge: divorce expositions. Divorce expositions are a relatively new thing in the divorce world, but they are becoming more commonplace and help divorcees-to-be and divorcees alike. One recently was held in Michigan.

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