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Nagging: Communication Breakdown as a Cause of Divorce

Divorce can happen for many different reasons. Money, sex and religious views are well known to be among the major drivers. But psychologists are increasingly paying more attention to a communication problem that may at first seem relatively minor: nagging.

Choosing Divorce or Separation in Michigan? Here's How to Start Weighing the Factors

If your marriage has gone bad, divorce is an understandable way to move forward. It allows you the chance to start over, after the property has been divided up and custody arrangements resolved for any minor children you may have.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements May Actually Help Preserve Marriages

Statistics show that increasing numbers of couples are signing pre-nuptial agreements before they get married. And the news does not mean that more and more cynics are heading down the aisle with clouds of doubt hanging over their heads. Instead, the growth of pre-nups reflects changing societal views about marriage and the purpose of pre-nups in modern families.

On-line Affair Business Grows With Lagging Economy

The economy remains at a virtual standstill and home prices continues to drop in Michigan. Moreover, more couples are discovering during these dire economic times that they cannot even afford to divorce. Consequently, as many couples have tried to stay together, one business that has heated up during the recession is the on-line affair business.

Every Marriage Has Fighting ― But it is How You Fight that Impacts Marriage

It is unquestionable that some form of fighting exists in every marriage - so the question becomes why do some marriages survive the fighting and some do not. According to University of Michigan researcher, the answer is not if your fight but how you fight that impacts the longevity of a marriage and possible divorce.

Michigan Bill Takes Aim at "Foreign Laws" that may Impact Child Custody and Divorce

Rep. Dave Agema is promoting a bill that will prohibit Michigan Courts from implementing foreign law. Although the bill does not specifically mention Islamic law - Sharia - many Muslim activists see the bill as an attack on Islam.

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