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Child Custody Archives

Michigan judges says former partner has no rights to child

When parents separate, there are a few ways they can arrange custody of their children. Parents have the ability to ask a court for joint custody, which means that both parents will make all major decisions for the children together. Often, it is difficult for separated couples to make these joint decisions and a court will instead divide custody into legal and physical. Legal custody gives one parent the ability to make the major life decisions. Physical custody defines the parent who has primary physical care of the child.

Divorce and child custody dispute last longer than marriage

When Michigan couples divorce, it is up to them to decide how pleasant or acrimonious they wish the proceedings to be. For the most part, couples can choose how to approach a divorce or child custody dispute and this approach will set the tone for the whole process.

Trouble for Michigan mom who refused to administer drug to child

While families and family members are often the bright spot in people's lives, sometimes families run into hard times or may not get along. It should be comforting for Michigan families to know that they have the support of the family court system and other public health and child services organizations to get them through these tough times. But the family court system isn't always perfect and can make mistakes. And while family courts often make tough decisions regarding custody issues, no parent wants to lose legal custody of their child simply for doing what he or she believes is in the best interests of the child.

Medical marijuana use not a deal breaker in child custody

Following a divorce, the family dynamic often changes dramatically. A divorce order may indicate child custody provisions. Parents may share custody of their children or one parent may get sole legal custody, with the other parent having visitation rights. A judge looks and many different factors when deciding how to divide custody but one of the factors that doesn't necessarily disqualify a parent as "fit" is medical marijuana use.

Michigan releases statistics on unmarried and teen moms

Family law is an area of law that really focuses on the big picture, and tries to determine the best possible outcomes for families, especially the children involved. Unmarried parents and teens mothers face big challenges when it comes to raising a child. Often, family court is involved to settle child custody matters between the unmarried parents or allocate child support payments.

Michigan attempts to make adoption process easier

Creating a family is many people's dream. But everyone's path to achieving that dream is not always straightforward. Many Michigan parents may have trouble having children naturally, or simply given their live circumstances, adoption may be their only chance at having a family. Unfortunately, the adoption process can be a harrowing and time consuming process.

Michigan man guilty of parental kidnapping

When parents go through a divorce, many different issues need to be discussed and sorted out. Whether or not the parents choose to get a judge or court involved, or reach an agreement on their own, the important point is to simply agree on the outcome. Reaching a consensus on child support or custody matters may seem impossible but the more that parties can come to terms with the arrangement, the more likely each side is to follow through with the plan.

Michigan Legislature Prohibits Exercise of Parenting Time in Countries that are not Hague Signatories

Concern about international kidnapping has prompted the Michigan Legislature to amend the parenting time provisions of the Child Custody Act (specifically MCL 722.27a). The new law requires any parenting time orders to contain this provision:  Except as provided in this subsection, a parenting time order shall contain a prohibition on exercising parenting time in a country that is not a party to the Hague convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction. This subsection does not apply if both parents provide the court with written consent to allow a parent to exercise parenting time in a country that is not a party to the Hague convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction. The new law was enacted on January 9, 2013 and became effective immediately. 

Michigan Senate passes law focusing on child custody disputes

The Michigan Senate recently approved legislation that may have a large impact on family law issues within the state and even around the world. The legislation focuses on child custody issues and would prevent a parent involved in a custody dispute from removing the child to a country outside of the jurisdiction of the Hague Convention.

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