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Are LGBT employees in Michigan protected against discrimination?

Did you know that lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender employees in Michigan do not have statewide protections against discrimination? Despite the legalization of gay marriage and the continuing acceptance of the LGBT community nationwide, Michigan still has a long way to go. Sexual orientation discrimination does not fall under sex discrimination according to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. According to a report by The Detroit News, this means discrimination against LGBT employees is technically legal.

However, there are certain protections for LGBT employees in Michigan. Take a look at LGBT employment law and what advocates are doing to fight for statewide protections. 

Why LGBT families may have unique estate planning needs

Estate planning is necessary for many types of couples, if not most. For example, a couple with an adult child who is disabled probably wants to ensure the child is always taken care of. Someone entering into a second or third marriage might want to ensure children from the first marriage receive certain assets and so on.

However, estate planning can be even more important for many LGBT families. Here is a look at why some of their needs are different from those of heterosexual families:

Taking Stock of the Winners and Losers in Divorce

Divorce is often thought of in the context of a sporting event, military battle, or other type of power struggle. In that frame of reference there must be a winner and a loser. Time has shown that people will expend a tremendous amount of resources on legal representation in order to make sure that they're the winner and their spouse is one of the greatest divorce losers of all-time. 

Sadly this all misses an overlooked point about divorce: there are no winners in divorce. 

It's A Great Time To Start A Business In Detroit

Demonstrating that all things really do come back around if you give it enough time, the greater Detroit area's economy is on the upswing despite the continued shrinkage of our auto manufacturing sector. 

According to, five good reasons to start a business in Detroit right now include: 

  1. Innovation is in the air
  2. Training and support abound
  3. A vibrant support network exists
  4. There's access to space, leadership, and capital
  5. Government support is plentiful

Your Employment Questions Answered

Huey Lewis and the News had a hit in 1982 with Working' for a Livin'. The chorus included the phrase "I'm taking what they're giving 'cause I'm workin' for a livin'."

It's a catchy tune, but the idea that you have to simply suck it up and take what you can get as an employee is not true. Employees have numerous rights and protections in the workplace that govern their employment status, compensation, and their wellbeing. 

The challenges of dividing business interests in divorce

Every divorce has its own challenges. Some of them are personal and emotional, like child custody and visitation, and other issues are more financial.

One of the most challenging of the financial issues in a divorce occurs when one or both of the spouses has ownership interests in a business. Whether sole ownership or some kind of partnership is involved, it can be extremely difficult to split a business interest in divorce.

Hiding Marital Assets in Divorce

One of the key issues in every divorce is dividing the assets. Behind only the custody and visitation of the children, how the money is divided is often the most pressing concern for most divorcing couples. Asset division is a common part of the divorce process in which each spouse is required to disclose all assets, income and debts to the court.

However, it is not uncommon for a spouse to use creative methods to hide various assets. If there are assets that the court cannot see, these assets will not be split, so hiding assets can be extremely lucrative.

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