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Child Custody Archives

Smoking as a Factor in Child Custody Cases

The trend in society to discourage smoking keeps gaining momentum. It isn't only that many buildings must now be smoke-free, or that revenue-hungry state governments keep raising cigarette taxes. The latest potential consequence of being a smoker is that it can be a negative factor in child custody disputes.

E-Mail Privacy, Child Custody, and Criminal Charges All at Issue in Oakland County Case

Marriage involves a lot of sharing. Two lives become intertwined in so many ways that the privacy lines can become blurred. But a recent Oakland County case is a stark reminder that e-mail accounts are one aspect of a marriage that are best kept separate.

When Can a Michigan Court Resolve an Interstate Child Custody Dispute? - Part II

As referenced in prior blogs posts, families are migrating in record amounts throughout the US - scouring every state in search of jobs. Unfortunately just like any other family, these families sometimes split - which often leads to emotionally charged interstate child custody disputes.

When Can a Michigan Court Resolve an Interstate Child Custody Dispute?

Mass migration is occurring throughout the US as workers attempt to find work due to the current economic downturn. As these workers travel - often with their families in-tow - they can experience many financial hardships. Unfortunately, the stress of these financial difficulties can often lead to parents, and thus families, splitting up.

Michigan Bill Takes Aim at "Foreign Laws" that may Impact Child Custody and Divorce

Rep. Dave Agema is promoting a bill that will prohibit Michigan Courts from implementing foreign law. Although the bill does not specifically mention Islamic law - Sharia - many Muslim activists see the bill as an attack on Islam.

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