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Recent economic troubles have thrown many people into the category of "unemployed" for the first time in their lives — or for the first time in a long time. You may be well-qualified and have a good work history, but have been laid off for reasons beyond your control such as the following:

  • Your Detroit-area plant or branch office was shut down.
  • Your company was bought out by another company, and the new company is streamlining by eliminating redundancies.
  • Your unit has been phased out or merged with another.
  • Your university department or school music program was eliminated as a budget-cutting measure.
  • A fire, flood or other disaster forced your employer out of business, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Your small business lost too many customers to your competition — such as a new discount store in the area.

Whatever the cause of your unemployment, after the shock has passed, you realize you need to pick yourself up and move forward. You may qualify for unemployment benefits, designed to provide a temporary safety net while you look for work. For many people, "looking for work" is easier said than done. It may take a while. You may be unable to find appropriate work to match your background in your geographical area now that you have lost the job that met those requirements.

Nonetheless, your past employers have been paying into the unemployment insurance program on your behalf — and if it is your time to collect, there is no shame in collecting what you have earned and are entitled to. Schwartz Law Firm can help.

Perhaps you have applied for unemployment benefits through Michigan's unemployment insurance program administered by the Unemployment Insurance Agency. You may believe that you applied correctly and met all requirements — but now the UIA is refusing payment of unemployment benefits. Perhaps your employer said you were fired for "misconduct," when in fact, you followed all the rules that you were aware of. Or perhaps the UIA claims that you did not fulfill your responsibility to be "available for and actively seeking suitable full-time work."

You don't know where to turn or how to refute the arguments of your past employer or of the UIA on your own. Discussing your case with an experienced unemployment compensation lawyer is a productive strategy for many people in your position. Our employment law attorneys can help you face challenges of the "system" and maximize chances of getting you the unemployment insurance benefits that you are entitled to.

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