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I am so thankful to Carmen Moyer from Schwartz Law Firm for representing me in a divorce case.

In just under two months she was able to prove that my case was a non-domicile case in Michigan, and she helped achieve a dismissal of the default charges against me. Carmen also helped me by requesting that my legal fees be paid due to non-domicile and me having a minor child.

Thank you Carmen for going the extra mile and spending endless hours on research and a telephonic interview with the judge. We won!

Blessings and thank you Carmen.

– Anita

I would highly recommend Carmen Moyer and the Schwartz Law Firm to help you get justice for your children and you. I was heartbroken for months, not seeing my son due to a Parental Alienation situation. Then, Carmen assisted me in the necessary steps to get my parenting time back. I trusted her with my and my son’s future, and she did not let either of us down! I thank God every day for bringing Carmen into our lives! Thank you, Carmen!

Bob K.

“I am located in Sydney, Australia and the help I got from these guys was unbelievable. Carmen Moyer was my attorney, she was great about keeping me informed with every aspect of my case. Her answers to all my questions were always clear, complete and demonstrated a sophisticated knowledge of the case. I can’t say enough positive things about Carmen. Schwartz Law Firm is my version of the Legal Dream Team.”

Bonjana S.

“I was a despondent father trying to seek justice in a custody case where I was being penalized for being a good parent. I reached out to several attorneys online and got a response from Carmen Moyer. She has been a bright spot in this otherwise abysmal ordeal. She has been fair, patient and understanding. I receive honest and diligent feedback on the issues that we have dealt/are dealing with as a parent in layman’s terms. Thank you Carmen.”

Arjun S.

“I am trembling. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work on our behalf.

I am beyond grateful.  Tomorrow is my birthday. This is the best birthday present ever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Ms. Mary Mahoney, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for accepting and winning my case. Having gone through another attorney who did little to earn the money I paid them and nothing to earn my respect, I tried to fight the State myself and, of course, that was a battle lost before it began.

Mary, you took my case for nothing more than the fee I paid you, but your dedication and compassion for those of us who need someone who can fight for them in a court of law goes beyond anything that my humble words could possibly describe.

Please accept my deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude.”

Robbie S.

“Kevin, you did an outstanding job with my parenting time case and I appreciate all you did. For anyone who thinks that it’s a long shot for a father in family court, we prevailed and you maximized my time with my daughter Audrey. I hope you have a great holiday. Thanks.”

Jeff C.

“I retained Carmen Moyer to re-open a Divorce Settlement Agreement. The case had been closed for over three years and other attorneys told me that pursuing this case may not be worth the effort. Carmen accepted the challenge. As a result of her extensive research and succinct documentation, Carmen was able to communicate my case effectively to the Court, manage response to opposing counsel, and receive a Judgment in my favor. I recommend Carmen for any domestic law challenge you may have.”


“Carmen, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work and professionalism you displayed in handling my divorce.

You kept me well informed and were patient with me navigating through a difficult situation.

Thanks again for being there.”

John R.

“Thank you for your support and assistance over the last six months. You have found a way to help me put the sparkle and smile back on these incredible children’s faces. Thank you for being one of the angels of 2011.”

Cassie C., Oakland County

“Carmen impresses me with her high level of knowledge, preparation, professionalism in front of the court, and effective advocacy on my behalf. I am very satisfied with the results Carmen obtains for me. In addition, Carmen treats me with genuine friendliness and concern. I’m a very satisfied client!”