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Our Michigan Attorneys Handle A Range Of Complex Legal Concerns

Since 1972, Schwartz Law Firm has stood for quality and respect in the practice of law in our area. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case in any of the legal practice areas listed below.

Also, feel free to contact us about any issue not included on the list. If we cannot help you, we will refer you to an appropriate, well-trusted lawyer from among our professional contacts. Contact us online or call 888-757-1681 to schedule a consultation.

  • Family law: We handle all divorce-related issues ranging from alimony and asset division to issues involving children. We also help with unique legal issues arising in same-sex relationships.
  • Pre- and postnuptial issues: A prenup or postnup creates an agreement that demonstrates a couple’s understanding of the division of marital assets should the parties divorce. This framework can provide the parties with peace of mind as they enter a marriage.
  • Personal protection orders: If you have been named in a personal protection order, this is a time-sensitive matter, and you are advised to consult with an attorney to learn how best to get it rescinded promptly if the facts warrant that.
  • Divorce and legal separation: We work hard to protect clients’ parental rights and property interests and to keep parents and children safe from domestic violence if a personal protection order is required.
  • Division of marital property and debt: We are here to help you achieve your goal of equitable distribution of assets, including retirement benefits requiring qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs).
  • Spousal support: Alimony is one of the most negotiable aspects of a divorce.
  • Paternity disputes: Sometimes it is the state that seeks to hold a biological father responsible for a child through paternity testing.
  • Child custody and visitation: Generally, if parents agree on a parenting plan, courts will agree.
  • Child support: Specific details such as which parent will remain in the marital home may have an impact on child support orders.
  • Interstate support and custody issues: If you believe your child is at risk after the other parent took him or her out of state, and you live in Michigan (but your child has not lived here for six months or more as is normally required), we can help you file for emergency jurisdiction.
  • Child support and objecting to FOC recommendations: We help present the most accurate information to the Friend of the Court to ensure there is no major discrepancy between your child support payment calculations and theirs.
  • Interstate custody issues: Whether you are seeking to move with your child out of state or attempting to prevent your child’s other parent from relocating across state lines, we can help.
  • Modifications: We handle post-decree modifications for people who have encountered substantial changes in their circumstances.
  • Pension plan division: We will help you and your spouse divide any pension plan benefits.
  • Employment law: Our full-service law firm has broad experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, both workers and employers.
  • Overtime, minimum wage and pay practices: If a worker is salaried — as opposed to being paid by the hour — employers often believe that the worker will not be entitled to overtime. But that is not necessarily true. In fact, the job description determines eligibility for overtime.
  • Harassment: If you believe you are experiencing illegal harassment of any kind at your Michigan workplace, you are advised to contact an attorney who can provide the insight and guidance you need to resolve the matter. Employers should make sure they know how to address complaints and prevent harassment in their business.
  • Race/national origin discrimination: Racial and national origin discrimination cases often arise in our area of Michigan involving Lebanese, Chaldeans (Christian Iraqis) and other groups with Middle Eastern heritage — as well as Hispanics and workers from India.
  • Gender and pregnancy discrimination: Laws banning pregnancy discrimination help ensure that women will not be denied insurance benefits and protect their jobs during and after pregnancy.
  • Age discrimination: Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (ELCRA) and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protect both older and younger Michigan workers from age discrimination.
  • Religious discrimination: Despite the history of diversity in our country — including the presence of many people who do not profess a religious faith — it is still a fact of life in a great many work settings that Christian traditions are most easily tolerated, but even Christians can face harassment in some workplaces.
  • Disability discrimination: Many employees and employers do not understand protections offered by the Americans’ with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Michigan Persons with Disabilities Act and a disabled worker’s need for and right to reasonable accommodations.
  • Retaliation/whistleblower protection: Federal law stipulates that workers cannot be retaliated against for certain complaints about workplace or safety violations of law or participating in investigations about violations.
  • Family and medical leave: The employer is not required to pay the employee during leave, although some employers do. An employee may use available vacation and personal leave time for all or some of the family or medical leave. Additional time off up to the 12 weeks provided by statute may be unpaid.
  • Unemployment benefits: Were you involuntarily terminated from your Michigan job and now encounter difficulty obtaining the unemployment benefits you believe you are entitled to receive?
  • COBRA and insurance benefits: Gray areas, disputes and questions sometimes arise in connection with COBRA after eligibility for insurance has ended. Legal advice is important if your insurance coverage is likely to have a significant financial impact on you and your family.
  • Criminal law: We will never enter a plea bargain simply to avoid trial. Plea negotiations will be explored in depth and accepted only if clients believe it is in their best interest to enter the plea bargain.
  • DUI: Our criminal defense attorneys recognize that we are often the only advocate for your rights, and we work hard to assert those rights when you face a drunk driving charge. If evidence was obtained in violation of your rights, we file motions to suppress this evidence or dismiss the DUI case.
  • Sex crimes: Sex offender registration is required by law for individuals convicted of a sex offense. However, the sex offender registry can be misleading in that it does not differentiate between offense levels.
  • Cocaine possession and distribution: Perhaps the police overstepped their authority and subjected you to illegal search and seizure. Perhaps the substance they considered to be cocaine was something else altogether.
  • Narcotics possession and distribution: We aggressively represent people who have become addicted to narcotics, people charged with possession and those facing charges of distribution.
  • Traffic, Driver’s License Appeal Division (DLAD), driver’s license restoration: An experienced lawyer can help you explore all angles that may enable you to recover your driving privileges as soon as possible.
  • Minor in possession: A charge of “minor in possession” is more than simply kids being kids. It is a criminal charge — and a conviction can have serious consequences now and in the future.
  • Police brutality/false arrest/imprisonment: Did the police officer ignore his or her sworn duty and violate your rights by acting in an unreasonable or unlawful manner, intentionally causing injury during a traffic stop or any detention?
  • Fraud: You or your business may face fraud charges from a branch of law enforcement such as your local municipal police, the state police or the FBI.
  • Dissemination of sexually explicit materials to minors: We provide aggressive defense for people accused of transferring erotic materials to a minor through a phone or computer.
  • Stalking: Each year, a surprising number of false stalking accusations are made, endangering the freedom, reputation and future of innocent people.
  • Computer entrapment and sting operations: We offer thorough, insightful defense against these serious charges.
  • Rape and statutory rape: Our attorneys have extensive experience building strong cases for clients charged with rape or statutory rape.
  • Business and corporate law: Our business attorneys have a long history of getting successful results for our clients who own and operate small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Business disputes: The Schwartz Law Firm has been helping both plaintiff and respondent clients in the Detroit area with contract disputes, business fraud, real estate problems and collections work since our firm was founded in 1972.
  • Banking litigation: At our law firm, we provide aggressive and polished advocacy for clients in high-stakes dealings such as banking and finance litigation in which hundreds of thousands of dollars or more may be on the line for our clients.
  • Credit union law: Credit union law is a niche area of the law, but it is a big part of our legal practice.
  • Chapter 7: Our bankruptcy legal counsel will guide you through this process to help you get rid of debt and emerge to a brighter financial future.
  • Chapter 13: After you file Chapter 13, your attorney will help you create a payment plan to pay all or part of your debts over the next three to five years.
  • Chapter 11 and Chapter 5: We help businesses implement the debt solutions they need.
  • Insurance law: Insurance defense lawyers Susan Leigh Brown has extensive experience working with insurance companies on coverage disputes and litigating first- and third-party auto cases and premises liability matters.
  • Estate planning: Because our wills and trusts lawyers are familiar with all state and federal laws regarding estate planning, we provide experienced and insightful legal representation.
  • Wills: A properly prepared will can be instrumental in providing you with the peace of mind that you and your family are prepared for the future.
  • Trusts: A living trust can help your family avoid the high costs of probate and confusion regarding how you want your assets allocated by giving you the ability to keep control of the assets while you are alive.
  • Estate administration: We have represented a variety of clients, some with very high-value estates and others with more modest ones, and we have helped them talk openly about their concerns to ensure that the estate administration process goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Probate: Our seasoned attorneys are well-experienced at representing clients in Michigan’s probate courts. We are committed to making sure that your loved one’s assets are distributed and debts are paid, according to their will.
  • Gifting: We provide trusted advice regarding how to reduce your estate through gifting.
  • Medical power of attorney/durable power of attorney/living wills: Our attorneys can help you plan for the future, drafting documents to appoint someone you trust to handle your medical and financial decisions if you are unable to do so.
  • Tax planning: Tax laws are continually changing. To ensure your assets are best protected, speak with our attorneys.
  • Joint property pitfalls: Many people do not realize that when they add someone as a joint owner on property, that individual has significant power over the asset. We can explain joint property rights and advise you on how to protect your property.
  • Commercial and industrial tax appeals: We assist commercial and industrial property owners in appealing unfair assessments of State Equalized Values (SEVs).
  • Real estate law: transactions and litigation

If we represent you – or if you take us up on our offer of a free initial consultation – we pledge to treat you as we would want to be treated. We also pledge to put your interests first as we advise you on what we believe to be your best options for resolving your legal matter. Call us at 888-757-1681 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.