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Age discrimination often a barrier for older workers

As an older job seeker, you may feel as if finding gainful employment is as difficult as an adult as it was when you were fresh out of college or high school, and you would not be alone in your sentiments. Nowadays, job seekers over the age of 35 consider their age the most significant handicap currently preventing them from finding work, suggesting that age discrimination is entirely too prevalent across the United States.

According to AARP, two out of every three American employees between the ages of 45 and 74 say they have experienced age discrimination at work. While the problem affects everyone, older females, and females who work in the technology or entertainment industries, face a particularly heightened risk of falling victim to it.

Considerations in choosing the right business successor

Chances are, you spent the better part of your life building and developing your business. Now that you are thinking about saying goodbye, you want to make sure to leave your business in the right hands. Typically, the longer you give yourself to work out your business succession plan, the better. Even if you do not plan to retire or otherwise leave your company in the near future, it still may serve you well to start thinking about the succession process.

So, what can you do to streamline the succession of your business and make sure you leave it in the most capable hands?

Three steps to take before taking a child on vacation

While Michigan offers beautiful landscapes and activities for the entire family, everyone wants to leave the states and enjoy an international holiday. Whether it's to Europe, Asia or Mexico, you want to see the world, especially with your child.

Unfortunately, there are a few extra steps that divorced parents need to implement before taking off to the next country.

Should you insist on first right of refusal?

You want to spend as much time as possible with your child. The courts take this into consideration when determining the custody schedule, but a judge will consider the best interests of the child first and foremost. One major factor is ensuring both parents have enough time to develop and maintain a strong parent-child relationship.

What if your former spouse has a busy life, traveling for work or frequently attending social events? He or she is not cultivating a parent-child relationship during these times, so why should your child remain “with” that parent when he or she is unavailable?

Are you messing up your company’s I-9 process?

Immigration news regularly makes it to the front page of news sites and newspapers around the United States. As an employer, you may not think much about how immigration affects your organization. After all, you may not sponsor foreign workers. You do, however, have an affirmative obligation to verify the identity and work eligibility of everyone you hire. 

The Immigration Reform and Control Act prevents U.S. employers from knowingly hiring those who lack authorization to work in the country. Since November 6, 1986, employers have had to complete an I-9 form for all new hires. While the form seems simple and straightforward, penalties for even seemingly minor paperwork violations can be costly. Here are two ways to ensure you complete your company’s I-9s properly.

Key aspects for a successful business merger

You work hard to get and keep your business at a certain point of success. Sometimes, to move to the next level, it is necessary to join with others in the form of a merger. 

One of the best ways to facilitate a successful business merger is to avoid certain disputes when possible. In that vein, be aware of a few key aspects.

What is height discrimination in the workplace?

Remember when you were in grade school and all the kids would argue on the playground about who was the tallest? There was pride in being taller than others and growing up fast. Whether you want to believe it or not, this emphasis and value on height are still pervasive in the adult world. For example, people tend to trust and follow those who are tall, which history confirms in the election of U.S. presidents.

Attitudes about height can even be a factor in the workplace. Although it does not receive much attention, discrimination based on height is a real and persistent force in employment matters.

What steps can you take to prevent international child abduction?

Having a child with someone who hails from another country can sometimes present unanticipated challenges. If, for example, the relationship between you and your one-time partner takes a turn for the worse, you may have reason to worry about your ex potentially trying to take your child out of the country without your permission.

If you do, in fact, have valid concerns about international child abduction, there are some efforts you can take to help protect your child and keep him or her on U.S. soil. If your child’s other parent does successfully take your child out of the United States and back to his or her home country, it can sometimes, depending on the nation involved, prove difficult to get him or her back. Therefore, taking preventative measures to stop international child abduction may be your best line of defense against it. So, what should you consider doing if you believe your ex might attempt to take your son or daughter back to his or her home nation?

Hiring undocumented workers could destroy your business

For the past decade, immigration raids at work sites in the United States have been uncommon. That changed in early April when agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 280 employees at a business in Texas. While it is not yet clear if company officials will face criminal charges, the message is clear: Hiring undocumented workers is a mistake. 

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 prevents U.S. employers from knowingly employing unauthorized workers. As an employer, you have an affirmative obligation to verify both the identity and work eligibility of everyone you hire. To do this, you complete and retain the I-9 form. You can likely gauge your company’s potential liability by examining the penalties for violating the IRCA. 


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