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Do I have to pay my children who work for the family business?

For a long time, children have worked alongside their parents on farms, in stores and in many other places. While this practice may be less commonplace in the modern-day United States, there are still plenty of family-owned businesses and parents who wonder whether they are legally obligated to pay their children who work for the family business.

The answer in many cases is that they are not. However, there can be advantages to doing so.

Schwartz Law Firm volunteers at Gleaners Food Bank

On January 13, 2018, Schwartz Law Firm staff, friends and family gathered at Gleaners Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan in downtown Detroit. Their mission: bag 5,000 pounds of potatoes for distribution to hungry families in the Detroit metro area. It was hard work, as the video documenting the occasion attests. But it was also a fun, team-building event that everyone enjoyed.

Facing divorce when you share a business with your spouse

If you and your spouse are facing divorce and you have built a business together or share a financial stake in a business, your financial future may be in jeopardy. When couples who divorce have to divide their assets, including a business, things can get messy quickly, especially when the divorce is contentious.

Here is some information that can help you better understand your options in terms of dividing a business in a divorce in Michigan. It is important to know some basics regarding how the law views asset division between spouses.

International child custody issues in divorce

Today's world is becoming smaller, with travel easier between countries and around the world. As a result, many couples nowadays may come from two different countries. When these couples have children, they may have dual citizenship and possibly residences in both of the countries.

While multiculturalism is an asset in many ways, it can become problematic during a divorce. Child custody matters in a dual-culture marriage with residencies and citizenship spanning more than one country can bring up complex issues.

Why some gay people hesitate to divorce

Many people in the LGBT community face an issue when it comes to divorce that their peers in heterosexual relationships generally do not: fear of losing their children due to a lack of genetic and legal ties.

In fact, this lack of official recognition can keep some partners in unhappy marriages for years. They are afraid if they pursue divorce and the other parent asserts full rights, the courts will decide that the nonlegal parent has no place in the child's life.

Recognizing the signs of sexual harassment at work

Good-natured teasing is often a normal part of any workplace. However, there is a difference between harmless joking around and unlawful sexual harassment. You might be experiencing some behavior at work that is causing you to wonder if someone is crossing a line. It can help you and other Michigan employees to understand what constitutes sexual harassment, as well as your legal rights.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines sexual harassment as any type of behavior, language or physical action of a sexual nature at work that is unwanted or unwelcome. You might experience any of the following scenarios at your workplace, which qualify as sexual harassment:

  • Your boss tells you that suggestive comments or physical touching by your customers is just a part of the job and is good for business, and you must accept it as a condition of employment. Furthermore, you might be afraid that speaking up against the behavior will cause your supervisor to demote or fire you.
  • A co-worker makes lewd comments about you or others in front of you, repeatedly asks you out despite being turned down and is a bit “handsy.” You might have even noticed him following you during your off hours.
  • Your manager tells jokes that make you feel uncomfortable or creeped out, and keeps sexually suggestive or offensive material in plain view in her office.
  • Subcontractors or associates of your workplace talk openly about offensive topics when visiting your workplace, and your superiors either encourage the behavior or do nothing to stop it.

When is a good time to file for divorce?

For many families, the beginning of the new year brings changes. If you are considering divorce, one of the many questions weighing on your mind might be this: "When is a good time to file for divorce?" Is January too soon? How about February? What if you do not think you can grin and bear any longer?

Tips for protecting your business & financial assets in divorce

One pressing concern for professionals such as lawyers, dentists and doctors who have considerable assets is how to safeguard these assets and their business in a divorce. After all, it can be more than frustrating to think about the possibility of your ex ending up with the business you spent years building and cultivating.

The most important thing is this: Stay calm and avoid making emotional or rash decisions. It can be tempting to rush into something because that feels like you are taking action, not standing passively by. However, panicking can lead you to make costly mistakes. One of the best proactive moves is to contact a lawyer.

Could your divorce goal(s) end up hurting you?

Divorce is one of the most emotional times in a person's life. Some feel numb as they go through the process, simply signing whatever papers are placed in front of them. Others may have a little more awareness and be able to set a goal (or goals); for example, for the divorce to proceed as speedily as possible and for the children to witness as little fighting as possible.

Often, these goals are noble. However, they could end up hurting you and your loved ones in the long term. Here is an overview of some ways how.

4 tips for co-parenting on Halloween

Fall is officially here, which means Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you already have the spooky decorations out or you are waiting a few more weeks, it is never too early to start thinking about what you will do with your kids.

Being a divorced parent means you probably have some questions about how trick-or-treating will go this year. Below is a guide to successfully co-parenting on Halloween.

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