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Michigan Supreme Court issues order to limit COVID-19 exposure


As of March 18, 2020, the state's highest court has ordered all trial courts across Michigan to take immediate precautions to limit possible exposure to COVID-19, in compliance with the Executive Order 2020-21.

Chief Justice Bridget M. McCormack says the Supreme Court is unanimously taking this unprecedented action to protect the public and court personnel by limiting activity, and that all courts across the state must comply with the safeguards.

Finding hidden assets during divorce

Divorce is complicated and time-consuming, even in ideal circumstances where spouses approach their split amicably. However, divorce between spouses with significant assets is often much more complex, and can easily lead to troubling behavior by either party. In many cases, one or both spouses may attempt to hide assets from each other, to avoid losing them in the property division process. While this is certainly an understandable motive, it is typically illegal to do so.

If you suspect your spouse hides assets from you or does not fully disclose their resources, it is wise to use the legal tools you have available to identify these assets and protect your own interests and rights. The law views divorce much in the same way that it views the dissolution of a business, and you may have opportunities to claim assets that rightfully belong to you.

A CPS call does not mean they're taking your child

Many parents feel far more concerned and worried when talking with a Child Protective Services (CPS) officer than when talking to a police officer. They know that CPS has the power to remove children from homes where they believe that a threat exists. When the officer knocks on the door, they think that family life as they know it is about to come to an end.

It's a nightmare scenario for many parents. It feels wrong on many levels for the state to have the power to break apart your family. You may feel panicked and overwhelmed.

Don't miss the deadline for commercial property tax appeals

Property taxes are a major expense for business owners. They can also be a source of major headaches. Overvaluations cost commercial property owners thousands or even millions of dollars. With so much at stake, it's well worth considering an appeal if you have reason to believe your property has been over-assessed.

Divorce is often initiated by the woman

Divorce isn't an easy journey for most people, so many couples try to work through everything they face before they split up. While some might assume that the woman is the person less likely to take that step, women are the ones who initiate nearly 70% of all divorces.

There are many reasons why this might occur, and it is interesting to take a look at them. If you're in the midst of a divorce and questioning why it happened, this might give you some insight. It may also help married couples to spot areas where they need to work.

What happens when business co-owners get divorced?

You and your spouse started your business as friends. Through the early years of the company, with all of the time spent together getting it going, you fell in love. You got married. You did all of the "normal" things people do after marriage -- buying a home, having children, etc. The whole time, you kept working as co-owners and running the company.

This is where things get tricky. You and your spouse now want to get divorced. What happens to the company? What options do you have?

Your child is protected thanks to the Hague Convention

When you're married to someone who is a foreigner and decide to divorce, you may have concerns about the custody schedule you want to have with your children. Depending on how long your spouse has been in America, they may have little choice but to return back to their own country. They may not yet be a permanent resident, or they may choose to leave.

The scary thing for some parents is the idea that their children could be taken out of the country and never returned. That's why the Hague Convention was created. This is a treaty that many countries around the world recognize. The purpose of the convention is to protect children from being abducted and taken to a foreign ountry. The convention encourages returning the children to their country of habitual residence and helps secure and organize the right to have access to a child.

You're likely to get divorced. Here's why.

Worried that your marriage is heading for divorce? Maybe you already feel like it's coming. Maybe you know that divorce is common and, even though your marriage feels pretty stable, you worry about what may happen. Maybe you know other people who got divorced, even though you thought it wouldn't happen to them, and now you're wondering if it could happen to you, too.

First and foremost, every relationship is different. What causes one couple to split up does not have the same impact on another. Divorce comes at different ages. It comes before and after having children. Your relationship is unique. Keep that in mind.

Children have specific needs during a divorce

The period of transition that comes with a divorce is difficult for the adults involved, but it is often even more complicated for the children. They usually have a basic understanding about what happened, and they often have a considerable concern about what's going to happen.

As a parent, your primary concern during child custody must be keeping the kids protected and ensuring they are adjusting as well as possible to the changes. You have to consider their best interests throughout this process.

Calculating spousal support in Michigan

After a divorce, two parties who previously worked together as one must learn how to function separately. In certain cases, a party may need financial assistance to maintain a positive quality of life.

For this reason, determining spousal support may be a component of the divorce process. Whether a party is paying or receiving support, it may be helpful to understand how the courts determine the calculations. 

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