Wrongful Death

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If you have arrived at this Web page because your husband, wife, mother, father, son or daughter died in a car accident or any other type of accident or act of violence, we are sincere in extending our condolences. As experienced lawyers, we have witnessed up close the shock, disorientation and grief that accompanies sudden death of a loved one. We are prepared to offer more than sympathy. Our legal skills can be put to work right away on your behalf to begin pursuit of compensation that you need and deserve including the following:

  • Medical bills of the deceased person, including ambulance fees
  • Replacement of lost wages of the deceased — especially important to your family finances if the person who died was the breadwinner of the household
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Compensation for the pain and suffering of the person who died, preceding the time of death
  • Loss of society and companionship of the deceased

Often, families do not feel ready to address legal and financial questions in the days immediately following an accidental death. However, the sooner a lawyer is on board, the more likely it is that key evidence can be obtained and preserved — maximizing your family's chances for ample compensation.

Our Compassionate Approach to Wrongful Death Litigation

We understand your need to take time to remember and grieve. We know that grief is a devastating experience to go through, in addition to practical considerations brought about by the sudden absence of your family member.

Our law firm can begin working "behind the scenes" on important business matters associated with a potential wrongful death claim against negligent parties, while allowing a family space to grieve. We will be ready to involve you in the process as needed only as soon as you are ready.

You may wish to review Michigan's wrongful death statute 600.2922 before meeting with one of our attorneys. Or you may prefer to let us explain in layman's terms how the law can help your family after the accidental death of your family member. Our attorneys' experience is the most valuable asset that we have to offer you at this time. If we represent you, we look forward to helping you obtain any and all compensation that you are entitled to after an accidental death.

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Whether the accidental death occurred in a car accident or as a result of emergency room malpractice, our attorneys are prepared to help. Call us at 888-757-1681 or contact us online for a free initial consultation with Detroit wrongful death lawyer.