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How child-support orders are enforced in Michigan

In general, parents are responsible for raising and supporting their own children. This responsibility continues after divorce or separation. In keeping with the general principles of determining child support in Michigan, Oakland County Child Support Attorneys tell their clients to focus on what is best for their children whenever they discuss child-support issues. Once these issues have been settled, the law requires that both parties comply with the agreement.

How child support is calculated in Michigan

Financial support paid by noncustodial parents to support their children is a well-established institution in Michigan and every other state. Support can also be required for an unmarried father who conceived a child but does not live with the child's mother. In those cases, a paternity test is usually done to determine if the father is the child's biological father. A father also can sign an agreement that admits paternity and thus recognizes him as the biological father. Child support is required so that a child is not deprived of the basics of life, including shelter, food, health care and an education.

How does child-support enforcement work in Michigan?

The process of ordering and enforcing child-support payments in Michigan is similar to the process in other states. Authorities use a variety of methods to ensure that noncustodial parents pay what they owe each month on time to ensure that the noncustodial parents are able to raise their minor children with less financial trouble. Both parents, though, custodial and noncustodial, should clearly understand the state's child-support laws. If they do, they can avoid disputes and be sure their children have the financial support they need.

Child support: it should be fair and just

Farmington Hills Child Support Enforcement Attorneys understand the challenges of dealing with child support issues. Child support not only concerns the noncustodial supporting parent, but also the custodial parent who will eventually receive the support. Generally, child support should be enough to cover the daily expenses of the children and the support payments will only stop once the child is emancipated or reaches the age of 18.

Establishing child support during dissolution in Michigan

When children are involved in a divorce between Michigan residents, parents might face disputes regarding the upbringing of their children. Our firm understands the importance of ensuring financial support is awarded to the parent who requires it in order to raise a child. Not all divorcing parents can see to eye on numerous divorce issues, and reaching a child support agreement could be challenging for some.

Knowing when to seek help with child support enforcement

No one wants to bring up financial matters with family members. Money can be a difficult and uncomfortable conversation to have, but when it comes to child support matters, the discussion may be necessary. Child support enforcement is a problem in Michigan and throughout the country. Many parents simply are not meeting their support obligations.

Royalty garnishment in rapper's child support case

Despite its name, child support is often very parent-focused. Child support discussions revolve around what the parent makes, how much they can pay, and all too often, why the parents are not making the support payments. But at the end of the day, child support in Michigan should be about the children. Children have a right to financial support to cover their basic needs and everyday expenses. If parents are not fulfilling their responsibilities to provide this support, then sometimes the state may intervene.

Child support legislation looks to Michigan casinos

The state of Michigan has a few ways to ensure that parents follow through with their responsibilities to care for their children financially. If parents are ordered to pay child support and choose to not make those payments, the state can garnish their wages, suspend their license and even put them in jail for non-payment. In addition to wage garnishment, the state may soon have the authority to collect any winnings from Michigan casinos, and use those winnings to cover any owed child support.

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