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Detroit first baseman files for divorce

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a pending divorce, it may be hard to hide the emotional toll from family and friends. The stress surrounding the end of a marriage and other family law issues can even impact a person's work performance. This might make more sense now to Detroit baseball fans who have recently questioned the sluggish performance of first baseman Prince Fielder, only to learn that he filed for divorce this spring.

Keeping the cost of divorce down

When it comes to marital issues, financial concerns are usually at the top of the list. Financial strain or arguments about money can place an enormous burden on couples. Often this burden is too much to bear and couples may opt for divorce. Strangely enough, this financial concern also carries over into the divorce process.

When parents divorce with very young children

It's the news that no parents want to hear: a divorce may have a negative impact on their children. Parents in Michigan make the difficult decision to divorce after much contemplation as to how the split will affect their family and their children. Although parents may convince themselves that it won't affect young children as much since they are too young to remember the divorce, it appears that may not be the case.

Couples get in trouble hiding assets during a divorce

When married couples split, the legal proceeding that follow can easily turn contentious. Especially when large amounts of assets are involved, greed can make any divorce ugly. The important thing for Michigan couples to remember is that honesty is always the best policy.

Michigan looks at e-filing, could benefit families in court

There is no question that family legal matters can be stressful. Divorce is no exception. The process may seem daunting and impossible to resolve but a Farmington Hills divorce lawyer can be an excellent resource to couples and parents. A lawyer can answer questions and put worries about finances or custody to rest.

Women suffer loss of health care coverage after divorce

Healthcare issues are on the mind of many in Michigan, especially because of its prominence in the recent election. But a new study showed an interesting tie between divorce and healthcare. Over one million couples divorce yearly, and for over 100,000 women, this split might mean the end of health care coverage because many women get their coverage through their husband's policy.

Improvement in economy may mean more Michigan couples are able to divorce

Now that the recession is over it seems that divorce may be an option for some couples struggling with their marriage. Many couples put divorce on hold for the last few years simply because they felt like the process was not financially feasible. For Michigan residents, divorce declined during the recession as families faced diminishing home values and investments, not to mention unemployment and lower wages.

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