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Statewide adoption day celebrated in Michigan

Sadly, many of the issues that arise in the family law area have negative connotations. People equate divorce and child custody issues with stressful family disputes. And domestic violence situations are always hard to grasp. But one area of family law that brings happiness to Michigan families is adoption.

Suggestions for parents when discussing divorce

The legal process of divorce falls under the umbrella of family law for a reason. Dissolution of marriage is, in a way, dissolution of the current family structure and the adoption of a new family structure. Numerous parties may be affected by the split, in addition to the married couple. Children of the parents are impacted; even extended family members and close friends may feel the strain of a divorce.

State legislators discuss and revise faith-based adoption bill

The state of Michigan is currently considering different bills that if passed would impact adoption within the state. The three pieces of legislation would enable a faith-based adoption agency to chose an adoptive family based on religious preferences.

Detroit first baseman files for divorce

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a pending divorce, it may be hard to hide the emotional toll from family and friends. The stress surrounding the end of a marriage and other family law issues can even impact a person's work performance. This might make more sense now to Detroit baseball fans who have recently questioned the sluggish performance of first baseman Prince Fielder, only to learn that he filed for divorce this spring.

Keeping the cost of divorce down

When it comes to marital issues, financial concerns are usually at the top of the list. Financial strain or arguments about money can place an enormous burden on couples. Often this burden is too much to bear and couples may opt for divorce. Strangely enough, this financial concern also carries over into the divorce process.

Michigan agencies don't welcome all adopting parents

Ask any parent who has been through the process or any parent who has considered going through the process and they will tell you that adoption is certainly not an easy feat. Although, once a family is created, it is clear that the benefits of adoption far outweigh any perceived costs. But the benefit of adoption is not within reach of all Michigan citizens. Some adoption agencies in the state do not allow a gay person to adopt.

Michigan releases statistics on unmarried and teen moms

Family law is an area of law that really focuses on the big picture, and tries to determine the best possible outcomes for families, especially the children involved. Unmarried parents and teens mothers face big challenges when it comes to raising a child. Often, family court is involved to settle child custody matters between the unmarried parents or allocate child support payments.

Michigan attempts to make adoption process easier

Creating a family is many people's dream. But everyone's path to achieving that dream is not always straightforward. Many Michigan parents may have trouble having children naturally, or simply given their live circumstances, adoption may be their only chance at having a family. Unfortunately, the adoption process can be a harrowing and time consuming process.

Parents must look elsewhere to adopt as Russia closes its doors

Choosing to adopt a child is a huge decision for families. The adoption process can be long and rigorous and once parents start down this road and get their hopes up, it is hard to turn back. The process can be quite expensive, reaching the tens of thousands, and parent may have to undergo extensive background checks.

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